The 5150

The 5150 is our Performance nose rider. Everyone wants the best of both worlds and we did just that. Featuring our motherlode nose with a bevel and slight nose concave into a comp tail that can be any shape. Lots of edge in the tail with a deep double barrel between the 2+1 fin setup. 



The Motherlode is our classic all around nose rider. With the wide square tail for stability on the nose this board makes everyday fun. The nose is wide with a slight nose concave but not to much which does not slow down the paddling power of this board. 


The Pancho Villa

The Pancho Villa is inspired from a board Jeff use to ride as a kid at Cardiff Reef. It has a rolled bottom with a pinched out 50/50 rails. 

The Comp

The Comp is our most famous and loved board. If you want to surf your long board like a short board this is the one. Thin, light weight and fast!


The Red Baron

The Red Baron is another classic that has been with us since the beginning. It's our comp model but just a little wider and thicker for extra floatation. 


The Daily Driver

The Daily Driver is our newest nose rider. Hands down the new favorite of the guys at the shop. This board paddles like a dream because of its low rocker. A couple key features is the tail shape and fin box placement at 4''.