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By January 31, 2014

Iron Cross Surfboards, the Best in San Diego Surfboards

San Diego is one of the few places that has year-round perfect weather. It is also a prime location to go surfing, but what if you do not have a surfboard? In this situation, going into a surf shop and purchasing one of the San Diego surfboards is one of the good options. 

Where To Begin A Search? 

One of the places you can search for San Diego surfboards is Iron Cross Surfboards. This is a business that has shown obvious dedication to their art. You can see it in the effort that they put forth with everything they do.

black-baronThe great thing about Iron Cross Surfboards is that you have different surfboards that you can choose from. They have designed a wide variety of surfboards, which at least makes them worth checking out. You might find your dream surfboard at Iron Cross Surfboards in Cardiff Ca. Maybe your looking for a 9'6" Motherlode for those slow summer souths, or maybe your dream is a super responsive Trog, no matter what your style, Iron Cross Surfboards has you covered. Contact Jay and Jeff at (760) 436-1900 or email Iron Cross Surfboards at surfboards@ironcrosssurfboards.com.  

Made In The USA

Helping to support US businesses is important, and the great thing about these San Diego surfboards is that they have all been made in the USA. Iron Cross Surfboards are handcrafted surfboards made in Cardiff California. Contact Iron Cross at (760) 436-1900 for more information on custom surfboards in San Diego Ca.

Iron Cross Surfboards is a firm believer in helping people, and that is one of the principles that they operate their business on. You can tell that they care based on the way that run the extra mile for their customers to make certain that these surfboards come with the pinnacle of excellence. Always reaching for bigger and better designs is part of what Iron Cross Surfboards is all about. The best part is that these surfboards are handcrafted, so you know that there was a great level of detail that went into the design of these surfboards. 

People Who Have Obvious Passion For Surfing

san-diego-surf-shopsWhen you purchase San Diego Surfboards, you want to know that the person you are supporting has a passion for what they are doing. This helps to make the sport better because you are helping those who deserve it. The great thing about the shapers of Iron Cross Surfboards is that they both have an obvious passion for what they are doing. Jeff Grygera began his surfboard building career when he was only 12 years old. At age 18, Jeff owned his own surfboard label. Jeff is now over 30 years old, so you know that you will be working with someone who has a thorough knowledge of this industry. What that is going to mean is a high quality surfboard for you. 

The Glass Genius

Jay Grygera, is a world travel surfer that has gets enthusiastic about meeting new surf locations. When you go with a San Diego surfboard company like Iron Cross Surfboards, you are saying yes to a type of excellence. You are supporting people who deserve to be supported because they have put forth a lot of time to help the industry.

 If you would like to learn more about Iron Cross Surfboards, then you can visit them at ironcrosssurfboards.com. This is a website that will give you the most essential information about San Diego surfboards and surf accessories. A passionate company like this deserves your business because they have worked hard to be the best in the industry. Shop at Iron Cross Surfboards for all you Surfboards, surf clothing and surf accessories. 

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