Meet the Shaper


Jeff-ShaperLead shaper Jeff Grygera’s surfboard building career started at the age of 12. By the time he was 15 he was the youngest employee working for the largest surfboard manufacturing in the world. The protégée of the most renowned builders in the industry.

At age18 he began producing his own label. When he was 30 he was lead shaper and granted a US license for Lightening Bolts surfboards. Building and specializing in big wave guns worldwide his career had expanded into international notoriety and respect.

In the mid 1990’s Grygera’s already established reputation, as a local gunsmith took him to Hawaii 2 –3 times a year. He was able to fine tune and perfect his boards with feedback from other shapers, glassers and surfers. On the main land he had also built up a name for himself as well, as a ghost shaper. A production shaper for other shapers and surfboard companies. He was unable to receive any recognition for the surfboards he had shaped.

In the 1990’s Grygera label was taken off as well, Lightening Bolt, unable to get his boards glassed in a reasonable time frame Grygera was forced to open his own glassing factory. The factory quickly earned a name for itself down the southern coast. One such customer was an Iron Cross surfboard. Grygera started as a fill in shaper in the slow season. After years of determination and a good work ethic, he rapidly moved up the ranks to lead shaper of Iron Cross Surfboards and remains a driving force in the company.

With hands on in the production of over 50,000 surfboards, Grygera’s influence and Ocean knowledge as a waterman is displayed in every board. Grygera is a boats man; spear fisherman, boat builder canoe and stand up paddler.

His ability to hand shape a short board, classic long board, fish, gun, or SUP makes him one of the most versatile shapers of today.

Comments from the Shaper:

To my valued customers, I have spent over 35 years devoting my life to this trade. I have perfected my craftsmanship to the best of my ability. I have been recognized as an expert craftsman. I am capable of every stage of board building, from shaping to pin lining. I have stuck through it from the good times to the bad times. From black Monday, when Clark Foam fell to when the imported surfboards started showing up in local surf shops, almost killing our US surfboard industry. Many have jumped on the bandwagon, trying to rape our industry of what they can. I am here to stay; friends, family and business have always been around the waterfront. My goal has always been to do what I love, and love what I do. I ask that you support all US surfboard builders and pass the word on. Whether you buy one of our surfboards or not, buy an US built surfboard. We must save our US board industry, how can someone who has never seen the ocean build a surfboard??? Say no to imports and massed produced pop-outs. Show your support as an American surfer and buy American built surfing products. We thank you for supporting the builders and their families who have devoted their lifestyle to this sport.