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ironcross surfboards new store
By March 28, 2016

Iron Cross expands their Surf Shop to a new fresher look. Same spot but more gear, surfboards and locally made bikinis from Sunny Sky's.

Find us at our New Store location - 2107 San Elijo Ave. Cardiff by the Sea, Ca 92007

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rentals iron cross
By January 17, 2014

Looking for the Best in San Diego Surf Shops

The great thing about IronCross Surfboards is that they are a premier San Diego surf shop that is more personal than any other surf shop in Southern California. If you are looking for high quality surfboards in Cardiff or San Diego Ca, then you should understand that there are few as good as IronCross Surfboards. This is a company that has been dedicated since the middle of the 90s to making the best surfboards around. What you receive with these boards is exactly what you want. When you order a custom surfboard at IronCross you even have the option to build the type of surfboard that you truly desire. With a huge selection of Surfboards

 in stock, IronCross Surfboards can accommodate any style board for all size waves.

At other San Diego surf shops, when ordering a custom surfboard you do not have all the options that you would like to have. You do not want to be limited with what you can design and create. Custom surfboards are a one of a kind, when creating a custom surfboard you want all options available to you. The great thing about IronCross Surfboards is that they offer a wide variety of different surfboard templets to choose from as well as Jeff Grygera can shape anything your mind can imagine. This is going to mean that the individual truly has the freedom to choose what they want. 

Professionals Who Build Your Board

At IronCross Surfboards, you are going with a company that has some of the most impressive professionals in the industry. With the multi talented shaping creations of Jeff Grygera and the precise glassing skills of Jay Grygera, father and son work together to create your dream boards. There are few San Diego surf shops that can provide you with as much experience. The head shaper, Jeff Grygera, began shaping surfboards when he was only 12 years old. When Jeff turned 30, he was one of the lead shapers. The Glasser, Jay Grygera, is a world traveling surfer, so you know that he has to be passionate about what he does. When you want a high quality surfboard, go with a company that is passionate about what they do. That will ensure that you find the best San Diego surf shops in the city. 

When you go to one of the San Diego surf shops like IronCross Surfboards in Cardiff, you know that you are giving your money to people who are truly passionate about surfing and surfing in San Diego. What this means for you is that you are going to receive the highest quality surfboards because when people are passionate about what they do, they go the extra mile in effort to impress. The extra mile is what creates the best surfboards in San Diego from IronCross Surfboards. 

American Built Boards

 in San Diego, Ca

Iron Cross Surfboards is a company that believes in doing business with American companies. What this means is that the surfboards are all American built boards. You cannot say that about all the other San Diego surf shops offering American manufactured boards. The great thing about this is that it helps American businesses to thrive, so you will be helping to support American companies when you get your custom surfboard at IronCross Surfboards. 

When you are shopping at San Diego surf shops, you want to know that you are giving your money to a business of integrity. IronCross Surfboards is one of the most genuine surfboard companies in Cardiff and San Diego, Ca. If you want a high quality surfboard, then you need to check out what they are offering. For more information contact Jay or Jeff Grygera at IronCross Surfboards.

Article written by Jay Grygera at IronCross Surfboards.

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